Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Asya Lets Her “Soul Cry” in New Melodic Rap Single

Soul Cry by Asya - Artwork

Emerging UK artist Asya just released “Soul Cry.” Asya’s extraordinary artistic talent is highlighted in this captivating new song, as it flawlessly blends R&B rhythms with a melodic rap style. Through its powerful lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, “Soul Cry” captures the very essence of an artist fearlessly embracing her authentic self and conquering the world with her distinct and empowering sound.

In Asya’s own words, she describes the inspiration behind the single: “When I first heard the beat in the studio, I immediately jumped into the booth and started freestyling. The concept for the song came to me instantly, and I wanted it to be a symbol of my ‘come back’ after taking a year-long break from releasing music. ‘Soul Cry’ not only reflects the challenges I’ve faced but also embodies my plans and aspirations for the future.”

“Soul Cry” is Asya’s second release since taking a year-long break, and it shows the artist hasn’t missed a beat during the hiatus.

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