Monday, October 02, 2023


Bogart. Enlists Man of Met for New Single “Whipped Cream”

Bogart. - Photo

Bogart. is a music lover, an artist and a movement. It’s two hard working guys: Ijin & Jayztylez. The highly skilled Duo Bogart. release “Whipped Cream,” the first single from their forthcoming album Reality Check. The track features talented MC Man of Met who effortlessly spits a phenomenal verse, riding the golden era production. This is a song Hip-Hop lovers from all generations can enjoy.

With Whipped Cream Bogart. releases the first collaboration with a very talented MC named Man Of Met. The idea was to go back to the roots of hip hop and show that diversity in hip hop culture is more important than ever. Man Of Met does not compromise when it comes to showing what Hip Hop means to him. Even in his difficult life situation (he currently lives in his car) he goes his way as an MC and Bogart. offers him a platform to do so.

Marin from Bogart. on the track,

“Look here, this talent deserves the full attention! Why? Because the art and the culture is more important to him than his life circumstances. He keeps on rapping and doesn’t let it get him down. In this day and age, MCs like this are more important than ever. They represent what hip hop really is. The voice of the outsiders and non-privileged people.”

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