Saturday, August 13, 2022


Money is the Root of all…Watch Clou9’s “Addicted To It” Music Video

Clou9 - Picture

Clou9’s “Addicted To It” is a symbolic tune that focuses on the addiction people have for money. As the subject and theme of the song, the word “money” is used in almost every line. Clou9 uses adjectives to describe the struggle of gaining hard earned cash or quick easy money.

The production is subtle with a grimy sound and excellently placed keys. Clou9’s delivery is perfect, his tone projects the message well as he flows on the beat with charisma. The music video is creative and a great complement to the song itself.

This music artist/ producer/ engineer from New Jersey prides himself on bringing class and substance into the Hip-Hop genre. Growing up a guitarist and multi instrumentalist, Clou9 began getting into Hip Hop toward the end of his High School Career. His mantra is, “Representing Truth, Authenticity, loyalty, accountability, and dedication! Stand up for what you believe no matter how many people attempt to discourage you.”

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