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Dalton Corr’s “No Regrets” Takes Center Stage B.Bravo’s Vizionz Remixes

Vizions Remixes by B. Bravo

After the release of his sophomore album “Vizionz” in the spring of 2022, B. Bravo returns to Bastard Jazz with a grab bag of remixes including 5 winners chosen from a remix contest that ran through September. One of those winners is composer/producer Dalton Corr who presents an exhilarating remix for “No Regrets” featuring Rojai.

Dalton Corr is a composer, music producer, designer, and the founder of Espresso Tempo. His music portfolio includes over two hundred pieces: film scores for a dozen award-winning short films, television pilots, podcasts, pop songs, jazz pieces, and electronic music. His music has been performed internationally, from The Paris Short Film Festival, to the American Documentary and Animation Festival, to live performances in Prague, concerts in New York and Los Angeles, and radio play in the U.S.. Dalton has had the pleasure to work with acclaimed musicians like Grammy-winner David Chesky and Javon Jackson.

On his captivating “No Regrets” remix, Dalton Corr pumps up the tempo with intricate electronic elements to make for an exciting listening experience. Corr adds a lofi touch to Rojai’s smooth vocals but manages to keep the funk that made the original version so delightful.

The greatest remixes take the best components of a song and create something that sounds new and fresh. Dalton Corr does just that on his remix for B. Bravo’s “No Regrets.”

Check out the original version and decide for yourself!

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