Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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DK Verano Shares Experimental Hip-Hop Track “Zombie”

Zombie by DK Verano - Artwork

DK Verano is a true genre bending artist. With roots in Hip-Hop and Punk Rock, DK Verano is breaking the mold and creating fresh and unique music. The avant-garde artist just shared “Zombie,” his hypnotic, upbeat new single. In it’s 2:13 duration, “Zombie” is an exciting sonic rollercoaster. DK Verano impresses with the brimming energy he brings to the record as well as his knack for switching flows at the drop of a dime. At a time when music releases are heavily oversaturated, DK Verano is a clear standout of an artist.

DK gives us an insight as to how he created the track:

After a busy few years I realized the one thing I truly want out of making music is for people to be able to have fun from it whether it be escaping from the everyday putting on some headphones or going to a concert to jump around. I believe this is the start of that along with something different to explore sound wise.

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