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El Dusty & Lil Ro Connect on Hard-Hitting Single “Estoy Loco”

Estoy Loco by El Dusty and Lil Ro - Artwork

For over a decade, the Latin Grammy nominated multi-talented artist, producer, and musician, El Dusty has delighted audiences with his southern Texas meets south of the border anthems. He is known for elevating the old traditions of cumbias and socas to new and younger audiences worldwide with an epic fusion of 808s, accordion melodies, and iconic samples.

With the newest single El Dusty has once again delivered a hard hitting record featuring samples taken from Lebron Brother’s “Estoy Loco.” The new song predominantly features witty bars and lyrical prowess with the known South Coast Texas legend Lil’ Ro who has credits with Paul Wall, Baeza, Big Shasta, ESG & Kap G. Named after the sample track, “Estoy Loco” is out now on PRODUCE® SOUND LABEL.

The Lebron Brother’s “Estoy Loco” sample came from the renowned Fania Records’ sacred vault. El Dusty was given exclusive permission from the iconic label and worked directly with the original recording. From there he sampled each sound individually to create the new single. Blending elements of hip hop, cumbia, and trap music to set the stage for Lil’ Ro’s slow drawl and smooth raps.

El Dusty and Lil Ro - Press Photo
Photo Credit: Lil’S

“Estoy Loco” is the first release from the Texas based artists’ upcoming EP Product of the Streets, due out March 16 everywhere you stream music. The new EP is a collection of 3 songs rooted in trap, heavy drops and overlaid with lyrical southern bars. Product of the Streets is the first time the celebrated artists have collaborated to make music and from their hometown of Corpus Christi, TX!

New music is due to be released in advance of El Dusty’s SXSW appearances!
Conference attendees can catch El Dusty at

March 16 – Empire Showcase @ The Creek and the Cave Backyard, Austin, TX
March 17 – Hosting BMI Latin Songwriters Showcase

Download and Save the New Single Here:

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