Thursday, February 29, 2024


Kenzo Balla, TG Crippy, & Rayy Balla Handle Some “Unfinished Business”

Unfinished Business by Kenzo Balla, TG Crippy, and Rayy Balla - Artwork

Combining the tireless intensity of an apex predator with a menacing sense of amusement, Kenzo Balla is Bronx drill’s most thrilling villain. Returning to clean house with his biological brother TG Crippy and frequent collaborator Rayy Balla, Kenzo shares his new video single, “Unfinished Business.” Unloading onto a frenzied, hair-raising instrumental, the track plays out like a boss battle, forcing listeners to lock into each explosive bar Kenzo rings off, lest they get swept up in the onslaught of hard-nosed flexes and colloquial flair: “I’m totin’ on Stacey, don’t play me/B****, I’m a demon, can’t nobody save me.”

The video for “Unfinished Business” unfolds at the same breathless pace that Kenzo and company maintain so effortlessly, though its playful edits and slick transitions keep the clip feeling fresh throughout, which comes in handy when a blink of an eye is enough to make a Jack Sparrow appearance go unnoticed. The video single arrives ahead of Kenzo’s upcoming EP, and follows December’s Mr. Ready to Blitz (Deluxe). In February, Kenzo shared a pair of tough-talking singles including “What’s The Move” and “Opp Huntin’.”

A rising name in one of the nation’s busiest rap scenes, Kenzo Balla made his mark on the scene with his relentless rhymes and high-energy vocals. Known for collaborating with fellow Bronx heavyweights like his brother TG Crippy, Kenzo kicked off his career with a frenzy of fiery videos, including local hits like “5th To Sev” ft. TG Crippy & Pdot Sav (2.2 million video views), “OOTAZ,” and the “Love Nwantiti”-remixing Let Me Know” (2 million views). This summer, the former AAU baller tore up the streets with Dead Gzz,” a vicious, uptempo missive that racked up over 1.7 million video views since its release in June.

Preparing to elevate his game to even greater heights with his upcoming EP, stay tuned for much more from Kenzo Balla.

Stream “Unfinished Business”:

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