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Mello Music Group Announces “Omakase” Album & Shares “Marionette Flex” Single

Omakase by Mello Music Group - Artwork

Acclaimed indie Hip-Hop label Mello Music Group is proud to announce their newest label compilation, the original album Omakase is due for release on August 25th. Now, MMG shares new single “Marionette Flex” by Denmark Vessey featuring Nolan and Fly Anakin. With its captivating production and elite- level bars, “Marionette Flex” is head-bobbing highlight from tastemaking imprint Mello Music Groups forthcoming album.

About the Album: “Omakase”

Mello Music Group presents “Omakase,” a musical journey inspired by the essence of the Japanese phrase often used in fine sushi restaurants, meaning to trust the chef’s hand. In this context, it signifies entrusting someone dedicated to their passion to guide you through a captivating experience. With this collection of original tracks, Mello Music Group invites you to embrace the concept of Omakase.

The Mello compilation series originated as a platform for label chief Mello to collaborate directly with artists, exploring new sounds, collaborations, and musical movements. “Omakase” is the latest addition to this series, crafted over the past two years. It showcases the label’s evolution, expanding its original position of Hip-Hop influenced by Jazz, Soul, R&B, and Funk. Embracing these immediate influences firsthand

The new album features original music by Chris Keys, Yungmorpheus, Denmark Vessey, Marlowe, Paradime, Apollo Brown, Magna Carda, Kamaal Williams, L’Orange, Namir Blade, Stalley, Raheem DeVaughnn and more. “Omakase” is the most expansive, personal, and distinctive album yet—a sonic feast encompassing a myriad of flavors. Trust in the experience. Omakase everything.



Omakase Tracklist

01 Chris Keys – Lemon Tree 

(prod. Chris Keys)

02 Yungmorpheus – The Price 

(prod. Yungmorpheus)

03 Denmark Vessey – Marionette Flex (feat. Nolan The Ninja & Fly Anakin) 

(prod. Denmark Vessey)

04 Marlowe – Last Reserve 

(prod. L’Orange)

05 Paradime – LXG ’11 (feat. MarvWon, Danny Brown, Ketchphraze, Canc3r, Mu, Guilty Simpson, DJ AMF) 

(prod. House Shoes)

06 Apollo Brown – Three Piece 

(prod. Apollo Brown)

07 Magna Carda – Six Ring Feeling 

(prod. Dougie Do)

08 Kamaal Williams – Planetarium Funk Drill 

(prod. Kamaal Williams)

09 L’Orange – Velvet Burgundy (feat. Fatboi Sharif) 

(prod. L’Orange)

10 Namir Blade – Doing Well, Fuck Your Life

 (prod. Namir Blade)

11 Stalley – G Body On Blades 

(prod. E.Dot)

12 Paradime – The Reign

 (prod. Apollo Brown)

13 Kamaal Williams – Academy of Science 

(prod. Kamaal Williams)

14 Raheem DeVaughn & Apollo Brown – Roll Up (feat. Ro Brown)

 (prod. Apollo Brown)

15 Chris Keys – Stir Crazy

 (prod. Chris Keys)








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