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My Favorite Color Shares New Video “Dead It”

Dead It by My Favorite Color

My Favorite Color is a rapper’s rapper, dropping bars that inspire rap hands and stank faces from all who hear. Floating above triumphant horns during his latest lyrical exercise, My Favorite Color shares Dead It,” a new video single. Produced by DV, “Dead It” finds the rapper born Anthony Willis ready to start fights with anyone who stands in his way of his goals: “N****s tryna take my notes, b*tch I might break ya nose.” The high-energy track provides plenty of opportunity for MFC to flex his peerless facility with pop culture references: “Pullin’ strings like I’m Thundercat/How I look in my Durag?”

In the video, My Favorite Color wakes up and chooses violence, hopping out of bed and rhyming into a dangling microphone, in his own warped version of Colors. The backgrounds cycle between a warm Dodger blue and a bright yellow, possibly representing his twin hometowns of Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. “Dead It” arrives hot on the heels of “Frustrated,” the rapper’s first new release of 2022, which came with a hard-hitting, Jack Rotter-directed music video.

Following the release of his deeply personal debut album Velma in 2020, My Favorite Color used 2021 to show off his technical rhyming chops, keen sense of visuals, and absurdist sense of humor. In Old News,” a bouncily colorful single praised by Billboard (a “flash of brilliance”) and Lyrical Lemonade, MFC worked a fast-moving flow, delivering punchlines at a rapidfire rate. The song was accompanied by a virtuosic music video, in which the artist portrayed multiple characters a la Eddie Murphy, ranging from a kidnap victim, to a possibly untrained pilot, to a truth-telling stand-up comedian. The artist followed “Old News” with “Mayday,” a jazzy and off-kilter banger, a lyrical showcase that veers to every corner of the rapper’s mind, mixing party-positive flexes with tongue-twisting geopolitical analysis. “Mayday” and “Old News” displayed the prodigious artistic gifts that inspired Pigeons & Planes to name him a Best New Artist in September 2021.

My Favorite Color is currently hard at work on his next project, a wide-ranging effort that properly continues the story he started with Velma. Stay tuned for much more music and eye-popping videos from My Favorite Color in the coming weeks and months on the road to the new album.

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