Thursday, May 23, 2024


NappyHIGH Drops “MadHatter” featuring Mick Jenkins & Memnoc

MadHatter by NappyHIGH

NappyHIGH, the LA producer, is a sonic architect celebrated for crafting unconventional and hard-hitting beats. NappyHIGH just released his single “MadHatter” featuring Mick Jenkins and Memnoc. “MadHatter” is taken from NappyHIGH’s forthcoming album MENACE.

“MadHatter” is a hypnotic hip-hop track produced by the talented NappyHIGH, featuring the lyrical prowess of acclaimed rapper Mick Jenkins alongside the versatile Memnoc. Mick Jenkins takes center stage with his signature flow, weaving thought-provoking verses over NappyHIGH’s mesmerizing beat. Memnoc adds an extra layer of depth to the track with his dynamic delivery. Together, they create an immersive musical experience that delves deep into the psyche, making “MadHatter” a must-listen.

MENACE by California producer NappyHIGH is a sonic journey into the heart of modern hip-hop’s grit and innovation. With an all-star lineup including Westside Gunn, Raekwon, Benny the Butcher, Mick Jenkins, Blu, and Your Old Droog, this album marries NappyHIGH’s distinctive production with elite tier lyrical prowess. Expect a menacing blend of streetwise storytelling, intricate wordplay, and immersive beats that push the boundaries of the genre. MENACE is unapologetically raw, taking listeners on a gritty journey through the mind of NappyHIGH.

Collaborating with acclaimed Hip-Hop acts, NappyHIGH is pioneering a form-breaking sound, pushing boundaries and delivering unique auditory experiences that resonate profoundly across genre and geography.


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