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NUBS of Odd Squad Family Drops New Single & Video ‘I Surrender’

I Surrender by NUBS and Odd Squad Family - Artwork

Most known for putting his real life trials and tribulations into his music, hip hop artist NUBS (A.K.A. Colin White) has masterfully created a poetic and poignant solo debut album titled ABLED.  “Using my emotions as a compass I navigated into a whole new realm of singing, and songwriting. For years I have let my experiences drive the inspiration for my music, but with this album, I focused more on the feelings of my life and let those drive me to make this body of work,” states NUBS.  

NUBS is proud to announce his solo debut album ABLED due out March 24th everywhere you stream music. Along with the announcement of the new album, NUBS has dropped a single and video for “I Surrender” ft. Krizz Kaliko, The Kaleidoscope Kid, & Odd Squad Family out now and available everywhere you stream music!

Off the forthcoming album, and produced by AKT Aktion, “I Surrender” is a soulful ballad about having faith. NUBS states, “This song is a statement about how life will put you through a lot of things, and the best way to get the most out of it, is to surrender and accept that there’s things you can’t control, but what you can control are your reactions to the things that are thrown into your existence, and try to make the best of what’s there.” 

NUBS, which is an acronym for Normally Underestimated By Sight, was born with a rare condition, leaving him without arms or legs. Not having any limbs is enough of a struggle to overcome already, but NUBS also had to endure the bullying and teasing that came along with his condition. Instead of submitting to the pressure and letting life get him down, NUBS resorted to music. 

For the Phoenix based hip hop artist NUBS, music has always taken center stage in his life. At 9 years old he joined the renowned Phoenix Boys Choir where he was classically trained and toured Europe twice. But it wasn’t until high school when he met Snowman who shared his love for music and hip hop, that he really found his voice. They would later meet A-Factor and the trio formed Odd Squad Family. 

It has been a little over a decade since the formation of Odd Squad Family which has been the predominant outlet for NUBS’ witty bars. His lyricism has been centered on his experiences, however, on the new record, NUBS shows a different side than fans might expect. He comments, “A couple months before I started making this album, my brothers came to me and expressed their concerns with my attitude, more specifically my ego.  At first it was hard for me to take in what they were saying, but ultimately, the reason it hurt was because I knew they were right.”  

He continues, “That conversation was a turning point in my whole life.  Matt, my manager, sent me a YouTube link to a video by Abraham Hicks.  Her videos teach about the law of attraction, self-love and acceptance, self-control, and our vibrational connection to everything in this experience.  With the help of  my brothers and the guidance of Abraham Hicks, I accepted that I can’t change the past, I can only change who I am now.“

With the shift in perspective and an influx of creativity and support, NUBS album organically came together. Truly a master of his art, NUBS explains, “This album began as an experiment of new sounds, and following my ears to what felt good.  With this album, I tossed away the rule book and forgot anything that I thought I knew.  My goal was to make music that not only sounds like a whole new level of artistry but FEELS like a whole new level of artistry. ” The result is a  stunning solo debut. The new album’s episodic flow takes the listener deep into NUBS connections with his family, friends, and life. ABLED was recorded at Only Dreamers studio in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

The new album is 13 tracks with a few tracks already released including “Disabled,” a fan favorite that brings high energy to ABLED, and is the old adage Don’t judge a book by its cover! “Overlooked” is based on NUBS lifelong struggle of being looked at as less than others –Picked last, if picked at all. For NUBS, it is a statement that “as long as I don’t overlook myself, I’ll get to where I want to go!” “New Day” is a favorite for NUBS he explains, “I wrote this song because I truly believe that every day is a new chance to be the change you want to see.  It’s a fresh start to forgive yourself for whatever you’re holding on to.  To be alive is the best gift we could have, and our time here is not long.  It’s a New Day, Go Live!”

On “Disconnected” NUBS revisits a time when he relied on alcohol to cope with depression and anxieties. It was produced by his brother Marleey Rich and with the help of Kaleidoscope Kid sonically changed his approach to the album. I Surrender” ft. Krizz Kaliko, The Kaleidoscope Kid, & Odd Squad Family is the newest single out now. It is a beautiful ballad that showcases the power of surrendering and having faith in the journey of life. With its haunting melody played on the piano and backed by a full choir and live strings, the song captures the essence of hope and resilience. The lyrics of the song are a powerful reminder of the importance of seeking blessings and finding hope in difficult times. They evoke the feeling of searching for answers and being on a quest for happiness and fulfillment.

Another standout soon to be released as a single is “Wayne Gretzky” ft. King Dayo. Inspired by the great hockey player Wayne Gretzky who famously said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” NUBS reflects, “Being a huge hockey fan, I live by these quotes, and at this point in my life, I’m done waiting to take my shot.” He explains, “The day I made this song I was going through some internal struggles, and doubt, and at some point in my wallowing I opened my phone and started reading my social media comments: “You literally saved my life”, “You make my day every time I see your videos”, “Please never stop”, “My kids get bullied, so I showed them your song ‘Bully’ and now they look up to you so much”. These comments were the inspiration for this song. It reminds me everyday to never let your moments slip away, own them, and go for what you want!”

“Born Like This” ft. Blind Fury is an exceptional song that takes a look at perception and judgment and embraces self-love. NUBS states, “ This song is an anthem for being true to yourself!  Blind Fury chose this record to hop on out of all the tracks on the album, which made me even more excited to show the world!”

Looking back at the new release, NUBS comments, “ABLED is such a package full of meaning.  Not only does it describe me in one word people might not use for me at first glance, but it sets the tone right away for what you are about to witness when seeing me.”

He explains, “My whole life I have been looked at as “disabled” or “handicapped” but I was raised to believe that with hard work I can do anything.  With this being my debut solo album, I wanted to name it something that not only described me, but also inspires people just based on what it could mean to them.  No matter how different or alike you might be to others, everyone can relate to feeling like they aren’t good enough, or able to be successful.  This whole album is here to remind you that you are good enough, and that you are ABLED!”

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Tracklist for ABLED

  2. BIG TIME 
  7. NEW DAY 
  10. CHANGED ME  
  11. ON THE RUN

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