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Rising Houston Rapper AdamTx Unveils New Single “Kickback”

somewhereintexas vol. 1 by AdamTx - Artwork

Rising rapper AdamTx has unveiled his brand-new single, “Kickback.” The track is lifted from his newly released EP, somewhereintexas vol. 1. Based in Houston, Texas, AdamTx has been going from strength to strength since arriving on the scene in 2016 with debut EP Worthless, and he looks set to take his career to new heights with “Kickback” and his latest EP.

With vibey and hypnotic lo-fi hip-hop beats and AdamTx’s smooth cadence, “Kickback” stands out immediately. Enhanced further by an incredibly infectious hook and AdamTx’s impressive lyricism and storytelling abilities, the track’s replay value is undeniable and will surely draw in many new fans for the talented independent artist.

Speaking more on the release, AdamTx says, “It was my engineer, Niko, and I in his studio when I came across this beat and immediately came to my head ‘I’m at yo kickback.’ When I finished recording the song, Niko said, ‘I could really hear this on the radio.’ I made this song because I felt like everyone’s just been locked in their homes not able to go out and be social because of Covid. Some people won’t even go to events anymore if they know the venue isn’t checking if people are vaccinated. So, I wrote this song to remember what life was like when you could go to house parties, have a drink, listen to some good music and have a good time.” 

The rest of the EP is equally impressive and indicates AdamTx will be one to watch over the coming year as his audience continues to grow. “This EP marked a time in my life where I just felt stuck in my head, going through the motions of life, the good and the bad”, says AdamTx. “The EP’s title, somewhereintexas, is a play on that same feeling, like I’m somewhere in my head. Plus, I’m a really hard person to find and Texas is so big; I’m probably somewhere making music.” “Kickback” and the rest of somewhereintexas vol. 1 are available to buy/stream now.

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