Friday, May 24, 2024


Royal Releases New Video For His Genre Blending Single “Gutter”

Royal confidently creates his own world. A preacher’s son inspired by the power of gospel music, hip-hop’s bravado and the defiant nature of punk, his new single “Gutter” is a bold and brash sophomore release.

Unrestricted by genre with his unique sonic blend, “Gutter” is full of warped guitar melodies and crashing drum patterns – Royal’s punchy vocals taking centre stage. “’Gutter’ was born at a late night, boozy band rehearsal when life was very unpredictable for myself and the people around me.”, Royal offers.

“This is a track about redistributing one’s pain into avenues that allow you to feel empowered again.”

Performing on BBC One’s The Apprentice, Royal was able to showcase his musical talent to a global audience, proving his irresistible live presence. Over the past two years he’s turned his dream of touring the world into a reality, accompanying East London musician Hak Baker on stage as his boisterous drummer.

With a wide range of musical influences, the vibrant punk energy entangled with soulful melodies gives Royal’s art something unique, refreshing and distinctive.


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