Wednesday, July 17, 2024


San Diego Rapper Fase1 Brings The Heat in New “Petro” Video

Emerging Hip Hop Talent, Fase1, also known as Dre Rizz, has a plan for his latest video, as well as his career, and the title provides the perfect catalyst. Where there’s a spark and fuel, there’s fire. One look at his latest video, “Petro,” and you’ll see he’s already lit the match.

Born and Raised by a single mother in San Diego’s ethnically and economically diverse South East District, Fase1 was the oldest of three kids. Living below the poverty line and struggling with his mom’s disability checks, a hunger was triggered inside of him that he still uses as inspiration today.

“The type of songs I make are heart felt, passionate, real and relevant and based upon my personal experiences dealing with the world around me,” reveals Fase1. “Everything I talk about in my music are things I’ve personally lived through, or seen happen around me.”

Motivated by his children and family, Fase1 lives with the reality that many of his friends are no longer around to chase their own dreams. Having the opportunity to build a career in hip-hop is a blessing that he plans not to squander.

Influenced by Hip Hop legends 2pac, Eric B & Rakim, and Grandmaster Flash, he relates to their raw lyrics and relatable experiences. Asked what inspires him, Fase1 says, “The simple things in life. The birds, the stars, the sun. Because those things are truth.”

Now, after years of honing his craft, he’s poised to be among the elite artists in music. With a story that connects with listeners, and seeks to heal, as well as challenge listeners, Fase1 is ready to motivate and inspire the next generation.

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