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SD The God’s “Chargie” Is A Beautifully Executed Afroswing Summer Jam

Chargie by SD The God - Artwork

NYC-based artist SD The God recently shared his anthemic dance single “Chargie.” SD brings touching vocals and his powerful melodic ability is put in full-effect. The sunny afro-pop production is flawless and SD makes the most of it. One couldn’t write a better love-letter than this, “Chargie” is a beautifully executed Afroswing summer jam.

SD The God (sam1)

“I actually created this track on a whim, not in the sense that there was no thought behind it, no I put a ton of thought behind what I wanted as an end product, but in the sense that I didn’t know where the song was going to take me or where I was going to take it. I was really feeling a love song, in the mood for an afroswing vibe for the summer because who doesn’t like that and was super excited to get into the studio. The night before I went I was listening to beats from a few of my producers just to try and gain a bit more inspiration before heading in and this changed everything. It was so random and then everything fell into place as soon as I got to the studio. My producer took it to another level and that’s all she wrote…” -SD The God on the making of “Chargie”

Born in London, UK, he hails from the DMV (Washington, DC) and has roots in his motherland of Freetown, Sierra Leone. In order to inspire, he draws his inspiration and desire to create cross-dimensional music from artists including but not limited to Davido, Hardy Caprio, Emmerson, and Aṣa.

SD has already organically achieved 75k+ streams across platforms and released his debut EP ‘Coronation’ in 2021. We’re excited to see SD go from strength to strength as he continues to share his personal and unique vision through more releases in 2022.

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