Monday, October 02, 2023

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SOTD: Kenny Mason Showcases His Lyrical Ability on Get An Idea

Pup Pack by Kenny Mason - Artwork

Our Song of the Day pick is taken from Kenny Mason’s PUP PACK EP. “Get An Idea” is a raw and introspective outing from one of Hip-Hop’s most talented and versatile emerging stars, Kenny Mason. The Atlanta native brings a more vulnerable and focused rap performance to the DJ Khalil produced beat.

You have to highlight some of the great bars on this record to fully express why it’s special. Kenny Mason addresses plights of trying to make it in the music industry, reflects on his own come-up, and is vulnerable about the struggles he’s dealing with currently.

Sing about darkness to shed light on the scene I was in
Bringing up artists instead of chasing the people that’s big
Seen artists floppin’ and watched the one’s that believed in ’em flip
Seen artists pop, ’cause they dropped the ones that was leeching on them
How many people know this?
How many schemin’ on Ken’?
How can I trust in you all the way when I seen what you did?
I know the power you feel when I say, “I need you, for real”
I can recall the times it was somethin’ you needed to feel
You took advantage of what I wanted to see in the mirror
How many hood heroes done died in the city they lived?
Got they life taken in a town what they wanted to give

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