Sunday, December 03, 2023

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SOTD: Listen in Awe to Matt Cleare’s Immaculate Single “4000!”

Matt Cleare "4000!" SOTD

Matt Cleare is a truly talented individual. In addition to being a genre-bending songwriter, producer, vocalist, instrumentalist, Cleare is also a trained Muay Thai fighter. His latest song “4000!” is absolutely stunning. Cleare’s sultry vocals and the smooth guitar-driven instrumental make for a beautiful coalescence of sounds. Teo Halm’s phenomenal production does not go to waste thanks to Cleare’s superb songwriting and vocal performance. “4000!” is taken from Matt Cleare’s upcoming EP “Butterfly Twist!”. If the project sounds anything like the lead single, then it’s sure to be one of the best this year!

Speaking further on his new single, Matt Cleare says, “This is one of those songs that came together like a force of nature. It started in Teo’s home studio in West Hollywood. I took it back to Cartersville, Georgia and dreamt to it, trying to decide how to finish the dreamy lo-fi demo it was at the time. I’d never made anything like it before. I finished it in some log cabin in Maine (that apparently used to belong to Henry David Thoreau) a few years later. In the process, it became the biggest contributing piece of DNA for what would later become my project, Butterfly Twist!. I’m so amped to finally share it with the world.”

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