Monday, September 26, 2022

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SOTD: Sydney Rapper Emeka Shines on New Single “Deserved”

Deserved by Emeka - Video Thumbnail

Emerging Hip-Hop artist Emeka just released his laid back single “Deserved.” With his unique flow, Emeka delivers a performance is both fun and inspiring. Luscious keys fuel this phenomenal production by PALE1080. Emeka’s natural charisma combined with a beautiful instrumental create an uplifting track, tremendously pleasing to the ear.

Emeka is was born in the UK and now based in Sydney, Australia, but “Deserved” is a song that transcends regional music stylings and can be appreciated across the globe.

The song arrives with a music video created and edited by Emeka himself. Watch here

Speaking about the new release, Emeka says,

“I was sitting in front of my PC thinking about the progress I’ve made since I began this journey last year, and the hook kinda just came to me. I was thinking in particular about the many metaphorical seeds I’ve planted since last year, and my gratitude at how some of those seeds have begun to reap a bountiful harvest. As I’m a story-teller, I then crafted the verse around my story, seeking to create a track that would inspire the listener in their story. I added a London Train sample to add a bit of familiarity for my fellow Brits, as they continue on their grind to see their seeds reap. The song has a fun intro incorporated to remind the listener balance is required, find the fun in the journey.”

Learn more about Sydney, Australia’s rising Hip-Hop talent Emeka:

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