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SOTD: The Ichiban Don Reminds Us Why He’s A Rap Elite on “EZ123”

The Ichiban Don

The Ichiban Don presents new single and video “EZ123” via Aroomfullofmirrors. On “EZ123,” The Ichiban Don floats effortlessly on the uplifting Mike & Keys produced beat.

The artist known as The Ichiban Don, or Willie B, is a member of the Hip-Hop collective A Room Full of Mirrors alongside Punch (TDE) and Daylyt. Hailing from Los Angeles, this rapper and producer has garnered recognition for his significant impact on the music industry. His notable contributions include producing tracks for renowned artists, with standout achievements such as crafting Kendrick Lamar’s “Ignorance Is Bliss” and “Rigamortis,” featured in Lamar’s albums Overly Dedicated and Section 80, respectively. Willie B’s creative influence extends to other Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) artists, exemplified by his work on Ab-Soul’s “Black Lip Bastard” and Schoolboy Q’s “Gangsta in Designer (No Concept)” from the album Habits & Contradictions.

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