Thursday, July 18, 2024


Space Kamp Releases New Video “Sunrays No Shade”

The psychedelic, Hip Hop and Reggae genre-bending duo Space Kamp is excited to announce their new single “Sunrays No Shade” released December 18th! The new single is the first release since their critically acclaimed and fan favorite album Electric Lemonade
The soulful warm song “Sunrays No Shade” was born during the summer months of COVID-19 between Space Kamp’s home base in Allentown, PA and producer Rob the Viking’s studio at The Chamber Studio, in Nanaimo, Victoria Island, BC. From production to recording, the new song was impressively arranged and produced virtually from the live instrumentation to vocals. “Rob the Viking produced the track, it’s just had the good vibe, and it was one of those songs that writes itself. Not being able to tour we knew we wanted to stay busy and consistent,” Space Kamp continues, “Now more than ever we feel like it’s crucial to look on the bright side of things, find the good in bad situations. That’s all we are really saying. There is a lot of negative going around, it’s hard not to get consumed by it. Sunrays No Shade is like our mind state, stay positive and don’t feed into that negative energy.” “Sunrays No Shade” debuted with Glide Magazine who commented, “the song feels like the kind of anthem you could jump along to with a smile on your face, and its positive message is one we could all use right now. 
Continuing to spread good vibes along with the release of the single, Space Kamp has announced the Rebel Hippies Community card. Space Kamp comments, “We have made some lifelong friends over the years through music. We are blessed to have supporters that have become friends and family. Seeing the same familiar faces come to 2 or 3 shows in a row feels good when you’re away from home. We wanted to show love and gratitude for everyone that has come to a show with a Space Kamp or Rebel Hippies tattoo, artwork and even home cooked meals! This community means the world to us.” The Rebel Hippies Community card offers access to exclusive discounts, music and events curated by Space Kamp and like-minded bands. Check it here: 
Space Kamp, comprised of Oskee and Adoo, first came together in 2017 with the goal to create whatever felt right and without limitations. Their music exploded onto the scene with their first single “Stoner Chic” which garnered critical accolades from Hightimes Magazine, endorsements from, Illadelph Glass, Beard Bros Pharms, Weedmaps and SRH Productions; and currently resides on 150 Spotify playlists (and counting.) Soon after, they hit the road with the release of “Terpene Station” their collaboration album with lyricist Spit Divo and producer, Juno awards winner, Rob the Viking (Swollen Members, XL the Band). Magic was made once again with Rob The Viking, on the critically acclaimed and fan favorite album Electric Lemonade. It topped the charts at #7 on the Google Music Reggae Album Charts,#15 on iTunes Reggae Album Charts, and #80 on Neilson’s Rap Charts
Previously touring had been a way of life for Space Kamp and have embarked on three U.S. tours, two tours in Canada, all the while gaining a dedicated following of Rebel Hippies along the way. Now in the time of COVID-19, Space Kamp continues to bring their high energy and good vibes to outdoor venues, socially distant events, and livestreaming. Follow them on socials to keep up with their streaming and touring schedule! 

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