Monday, October 02, 2023

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Tyrin Shares Melodic Alt Hip-Hop Single “What It Costed

What It Costed by Tyrin

On his impressive new outing “What It Costed,” Tyrin blends Pop-Punk and Hip-Hop to create an infectiously appealing tune. Tyrin’s passionate melody is gripping and further showcases his talent for songwriting. The genre-defying track carries a powerful theme which Tyrin explains here:

“It’s about realizing your bad habits are coming back to the surface but not letting it take control over yourself.”

Drawing musical influences from the earlier days of pop-punk and hip-hop, Tyrin started making music back in 2010, where he felt obliged to ‘fit in’ and explore the realm of rap. Maturing as an artist throughout his recent repertoire, his influences have united working and performing alongside his band to produce a truly unique soundscape.

Tyrin is fresh off an exciting run of releases throughout the last few years, including his highly-impactful 2020 studio album ‘Moodswings’ and recent comeback single It’s All Alright. Tyrin’s new single “What It Costed” is out now!

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