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UraelB Unveils Brilliant Live Take For “Groovy”

UraelB Press Photo - Groovy

UraelB (pronounced You-Rell-Bey) is the example of an artist who has achieved a lot more than many do in a lifetime. Beginning his pursuit of music at just the age of 17, he started releasing records and implementing his already hook-filled brand of rap and poetry into his style. Many successes followed, including the release of his debut album ‘DemiGod’ in 2020 and an appearance on hit TV show Dancing With Stars, working alongside hip-hop icon Nelly.

Going from strength to strength, the Los Angeles rapper then collaborated with the likes of Brianna Knight, Mick Jenkins and world renowned trumpeter Dontae Wislow, further highlighting UraelB’s limitless potential as an artist to relate to and invest in.

In the vein of Mac Miller, UraelB blends nuances of fresh hip-hop and funk together to create a highly strung, rhythmic and feel-good offering that people will connect with instantly. He is now releasing a 3-track EP ‘Unplugged’, with lead single ‘Groovy’ perfectly showcasing everything that he represents in one track.

‘Groovy’ has been with him since he was 19, but is a song that has been worked on and polished over time. UraelB immediately draws you in with his personality and vigour in his flow from that first second, amongst the brilliant funk arrangement. He switches so seamlessly between rapping and singing throughout, in a song that highlights his full repertoire and hits that sweet spot between hip-hop and funk.

Groove-ladened and melodically potent, ‘Groovy’ also brings a live aspect to it, where UraelB introduces all the members of his band which embodies a live, raw and real element that he has stayed true to throughout his journey as an artist. It’s special and becomes more vibrant upon each listen, understanding the little pockets of instrumentation that have been so meticulously planned by UraelB, with his vocal presence and lyricism ever resonating and relatable.

For fans of Kendric Lamar and Anderson.Paak, ‘Groovy’ is fun-filled from the off and such a joy to listen to, from an artist who has all the traits to become one of the most accomplished in these highly respected genres. 

“Groovy is the embodiment of who I am as a person. I’m fresh, fun, positive, and have the undying desire to live my life freely. Anyone who listens will hear my passion and love for music as soon as they press play.” -UraelB

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