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Wes Denzel Drops New Single “Some Know”

Wes Denzel Photo - Last Night In Houston

Wes Denzel is proud to announce his new album Last Night In Houston is due out March 10th. The album is an ode to Houston Rap and the trill era. Aptly titled Last Night In Houston, Wes Denzel’s new album is inspired by the city that brought us famed acts like DJ Screw, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Lil Flip, and more. Along with the announcement, Wes Denzel shares lead single Some Know, a bouncy Hip-Hop song propelled by Denzel’s charismatic flow and witty rhymes.

Wes Denzel was inspired to create his new album Last Night In Houston while driving around Houston, Texas. He wanted to put that experience into music form, so much so that each version of the album was tested driving in the car, until the project was perfect. Denzel expands, “A lot of writing in cars, and experimenting on records with the format. A lot of it was just feeling, and keeping that feeling.” He enlisted Keef Chandler to be executive producer of the album and with his help Wes Denzel was able to create Last Night In Houston. Denzel states, “A Huge help came from Keef Chandler who helped put the project together and helped me tell the story I wanted to tell with the Music. This project wouldn’t be possible without him.”

The album presentation is expertly curated through the tracklist. A majority of the project follows the Houston theme, but Denzel purposely strays away on tracks like Tear The Club UpAll SummaThe SZA Freestyle, and Knock. Through the first five tracks, the album is set up as a tour through Houston. Tear The Club Up comes in as a segway from the tour to the club. The Soho House (Interlude) serves as a bridge to the back half of the album where Denzel meets a girl but already has regrets. All Summa represents the honeymoon phase and leads into The SZA Freestyle which represents the problems that arise from after the honeymoon phase where the relationship falls apart. The song Knock finds Denzel missing her and wanting her back. Some Know concludes the album with Denzel coming out of his love haze and being back on his to where he started.

Wes Denzel is a rapper/songwriter/producer based in San Antonio, TX. The multi-talented artist has opened up for top tier acts including Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q as well as performing at SXSW and gracing stages throughout Central Texas. In February 2021, following the release of his studio album “I Was Almost Happy,” Wes Denzel was named KUTX’ Artist of the Month. Denzel is a talented songwriter and much of his previous releases share the theme of love and relationships, so with Last Night In Houston, he is excited to venture into a new concept and showcase his versatility as a writer. He says, “I think a lot of people are used to me making love songs or relationship music. I think this release will really surprise people that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and its really unexpected from me since I’ve never done anything like this before, sound wise. I did make sure to bring a little bit of my usual sound in the project of course. But even that feels new and refreshed.”

Wes Denzel’s Trill era inspired album Last Night In Houston drops March 10. Denzel concludes, “I hope people enjoy the project and get to play it in the car. These records are authentic and reflect a truly important part of my life. Houston music has always been an inspiration for me and I’m glad I could finally make something I was proud to present to the world.” 

Last Night In Houston Tracklist

1. Whose That

2. Way We Ball

3. Rockets

4. Riding

5. Tear The Club Up

6. The Soho House (Interlude)

7. All Summa

8. The SZA Freestyle

9. Knock

10. Some Know

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