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DC The Don Drops New Video for “i want you <3”

My Own Worst Enemy by DC The Don - Artwork

With a genre-spanning versatility brought to life by his ambitious creative vision, DC The Don masterfully toes the line between melodic anthems (delivered by the more tender side of his personality he calls RAG3 KIDD) and hard-biting rage raps (courtesy of the devilish, red-haired DONNY). Giving DONNY the day off, DC offers RAG3 KIDD his spot in the limelight amidst their battle for supremacy, sharing his new 713bran-directed and edited video for “i want you <3” from his recent album, My Own Worst Enemy, available everywhere now via Rostrum Records.

Floating over layers of bubbly synth and booming bass production, courtesy of TrademarkKillMxtt, and XoBenny, “i want you <3” sees RAG3 KIDD flaunting his melodic flows as he comes to grips with the one he truly desires, and all that he hopes to leave behind. After he was seemingly murdered at the hands of DONNY in the video for “Live From The Gutta!” RAG3 KIDD is seen wandering aimlessly through dirt roads and alleyways before arriving at a sunny, seaside paradise. Whether this setting is a brief escape from his conflict from DONNY, or a permanent resting place for the sensitive side of DC’s split personality, it doesn’t stop the young artist from flexing: “Ten pointer diamonds in both of my ears, where I’m from/We don’t call ‘em earrings, I got boogers.”

My Own Worst Enemy tells a loose narrative about DC’s inner conflict, which manifests as a battle between two distinct personalities: RAG3 KIDD, who represents the artist’s more wholesome and romantic side, and DONNY, a demonic, red-haired spitter who emerges on the album’s harder-edged beats. The album kicks off in DONNY mode, featuring some of DC’s hardest tracks to date, including the massive “ENEMIES,” with a beat that sounds like a malfunctioning supercomputer, and the devilish “MAKAVELI,” a fiery lyrical exercise. As the tracklist progresses, RAG3 KIDD makes his presence felt, emoting over candy-coated production on pop culture-referencing tracks like “iCarly:/,” “Scott Pilgrim,” and “Futurama 2099.”

Blending elements of rap, pop-punk, hyperpop, and more, My Own Worst Enemy both expands and refines DC’s sound, allowing the 22-year-old rapper to showcase every facet of his wide-ranging vocal ability. With production by heavy-hitters like JetsonMadeStarboySupah Mario, Trademark Charlie HeatAstroboy, and more, who deliver DC some of their most adventurous beats, MOW3 percolates with the energy of a young artist testing the limits of what he’s capable of accomplishing–and having fun while doing it.

Stay tuned for more from the young artist, including the upcoming East Coast leg of his “MOW3 TOUR,” kicking off later this month in Philadelphia!

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