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Jay Fizzle Keeps It Mellow Like Donatello in “Zaba Freestyle”

Zaba Freestyle by Jay Fizzle - Artwork

A staple of his Memphis hometown known for focused triplet flows and candid coolness, Jay Fizzle has been putting on for Paper Route Empire for over half a decade. Now, Jay Fizzle returns with more purple than the iced-out Donatello pendant on his chain in his new “Zaba Freestyle” video. Over a synth-booming beat that combines bouncy Memphis bass with the 8-bit aesthetic of a Nintendo game, Jay Fizzle attacks the track with a flashy ferocity, rapping, “Got big racks on me, color palette/Water like a scuba diver/Fours up on the Benzo make me sit just like a trucker driver.” “Zaba Freestyle” is the latest release in the run up to Jay Fizzle’s upcoming project, DonnaFizzle, coming soon via Paper Route Empire.

“Zaba Freestyle” follows in the wake of “4 HOS,” a showcase for Fizzle’s drawly, double-dipping delivery, and “LLD,” a heartfelt tribute to his mentor Young Dolph. Adorned with lush harmonies and a star vocal turn from Ricco Barrino, “Long Live Dolph” finds Jay Fizzle baring his soul, the South Memphis native audibly emotional when he relays his gratitude to his mentor for teaching him everything he knows: “The way I talk, the way I walk, the way I act, the way I dress/The way I do my thing up in the booth, I learned it from the best.” With over 1.4 million views on YouTube, “LLD” is the opening track from Paper Route Empire Presents: Long Live Dolph, a new compilation album from the independent label, which features appearances from nearly every artist on PRE, including Key GlockBig Moochie GrapeKenny Muney and more.

Long Live Dolph is reflective, but it is also triumphant; Paper Route Empire will continue building on the foundation that Dolph laid. Keep an eye on the young and hungry PRE roster, as nearly every one of them plans to drop plenty of music this year. Already, the year brought Time Is Muney, a new project by Kenny Muney, and Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe), an expansion of Key Glock’s Billboard Top 10-charting Yellow Tape 2. With DonnaFizzle and much more on the way, 2022 is Paper Route Szn.

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