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El Dusty Releases Sci-Fi Hip-Hop EP & Comic Book “Sombrero Galaxy”

Sombrero Galaxy by El Dusty - Artwork

Digging deep into the root of turntable culture, El Dusty has created a hip hop masterpiece inspired by Chicano sci-fi films and aptly named Sombrero Galaxy. The new EP will be released alongside a stunning comic book and full interactive gallery presentation that will round out the visuals for the record’s rollout. Sombrero Galaxy is out now on Produce ® Sound. Order and Download here:

El Dusty comments, “We wanted to create a concept hip hop album and I wanted to do it our style, so it naturally became a Chicano based, sci-fi themed, sample based hip hop album… It still has a cumbia flavor if u listen close enuff!”

With Sombrero Galaxy, El Dusty weaves samples on top of interludes to reveal a sci-fi story that resonates like an MF Doom, Deltron 3030, or a DJ Shadow production. With the release, El Dusty has created his sonic opus from over 200 samples laced with deep sci-fi cuts, hip hop production style, and Dusty’s signature, hard hitting drums in collaboration with hip hop head and co-producer William Casio (of The Soul Monsters production team). Working with, and shining light on, the emerging hip hop scene straight from the South Coast of Texas featured artists including Lvrboy Meta, Quintan Arispe, Chris56, Ambrose Brown, Vino La Mano, Magus, Faboyshaun, and Mexstep.

El Dusty reflects, “I’m a big hip hop head, I started making beats on the MPC2000 when I was 16 years old – Mike Aguirre, who I collaborated with on the concept, did too,  he’s got the Soul Shack and it’s full of records and nostalgic inspiration. This is my first real hip-hop body of work. It has all my styles in one piece, hip hop, trap, boom-bap even drum & bass, and of course we threw in some cumbia riddims for the heads.”

Pre-production on the new record started with co-collaborator Mike Aguirre at his home studio, The Soul Shack, in Corpus Christi. El Dusty reflects, “We used all samples from our vinyl collections. Mike has around 5000 records and I have the 11’x18′ wall of records (over 10,000) at my studio PRODUCE®. These started out as beat instrumentals pieced together with different samples over hip hop breaks. They transformed into full songs when our friends jumped on the tracks.” The album was recorded and tracked at El Dusty’s own studio Produce ® Sound Studio, mixed and mastered by Mariano Herrera. He continues, “Mike came up with the name after working on a few tracks. We had the space theme going and Sombrero Galaxy seemed the right “galaxy” for this project to take place in.”

Sombrero Galaxy is a full 6 tracks of sci-fi hip hop beats and will be accompanied by a sci-fi cholo themed comic book. The record kicks off with the thematic anthem “Dark Skies.” The spacy and moody song carries the comic book forward as the protagonist, The Space Cholo cruises thru space in his lowrider ship decked out Chicano style with hydraulics and all. It follows the comic page per page as the song switches beats and styles. Like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon & The Wizard of OzSombrero Galaxy comic book brings the tangible to the intangible in “Dark Skies” becoming an immersive experience.

Carrying the EP forward with inspired space themes, “Un Estrella del Deseo” inspired by Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow, sees El Dusty diving deep into turablist traditions. “Space Tang” features Vino la Mano (artist straight from Benny the Butcher’s label BSF) who delivers hard hitting bars. “Warning”  sounds the alarm to be on the look out for flying UFO’s and wack MC’s, the song features Magnu5 and Fatboyshaun. “Let’s Go” is a story of a Cholo attacked with Mexstep killing the beat!! The EP closes with the Chola anthem, “Shygirl” featuring Chris56.

The full project will make its debut appearance at Downtown Corpus Christi’s First Friday Art Walk on April 1st at El Dusty’s art gallery Produce ® Gallery. The immersive experience will bring the comic book to life with enlarged life size lit prints. The experience will culminate into an interactive art experience that asks viewers to paint their own stars, rockets and planets to create a community mural that memorializes the event. Additional exhibitions will include a special 3D lowrider UFO by visual artist Maclovio Cantú IV and a fashion show.

Known for their streetwear and apparel, Produce ® has curated a fashion show featuring local Corpus Christi brands and shops that will highlight Spring and Summer 2022 looks. Setting the stage for the fashion show, the EP immersive experience will carry from inside the exclusive gallery event to the sidewalk creating an out of this world experience and show. Additionally featured EP artists will perform and there will be artisan vendors.

Attendees are encouraged to wear space themed costumes to help celebrate the record release!


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