Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Song of the Day

SOTD: Planet Motion by GAM

EARTH 2 GAM by GAM - Artwork

The latest SOTD pick comes from GAM’s newly released debut album EARTH 2 GAM, a project we’ve been anticipating for a while. “Planet Motion” is a smooth flowing track, with a nice boom bap sound. GAM’s vulnerability on the song is to be admired and he raps with such conviction that you feel each bar. With such honest and relatable lyrics, “Planet Motion” requires numerous playbacks to fully unpack everything GAM is saying on the track. “Planet Motion” is a truly excellent song: magnificent beat (thanks to Wavy Bagels behind the boards), excellent hook, and phenomenal rhymes. Be sure to check out the full album EARTH 2 GAM from the talented New York based rapper.

Listen to EARTH 2 GAM: https://earth2gam.bandcamp.com/album/earth-2-gam

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