Thursday, June 13, 2024

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FABOx Snaps on Certified Banger “Gangster Rap”

SOTD - Gangster Rap by FABOx

Florida rapper FABOx is most definitely next up, and “Gangster Rap” is proof. Taken from his new album X-Fyles, “Gangster Rap” is grimy trap hit. The production is as bouncy as it is ferocious; impossible for one to not bob their head to. FABOx could’ve easily just slid on the beat, but instead proves why he is one of the most charismatic rappers coming out of Florida. He brings a ton of energy switching flows making “Gangster Rap” a very exciting and full record.

Jamaican born south Florida raised FABOx embraces energy, pain and determination through the power of his music. Speaking his truth across releases, FABOx is passionate about detailing the things he’s seen throughout the course of his life, personal growth and the pain he’s endured due to trauma, which equally resonates with listeners and fans alike. The multifaceted talent inspires listeners and takes away the message that he delivers by simply ‘putting your head down and doing things that you’re passionate about can change your life’.

In April, FABOx dropped his new album X-Fyles, a collection of hard-hitting tracks that detail FABOx’ come-up as well as his daily life. Easily one of the best rap albums to come from the first half of 2023!

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