Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Juno Rucker Shares New Single “Pretty People”

Pretty People by Juno Rucker - Artwork

Emerging Las Vegas-based artist Juno Rucker has just released his compelling new single “Pretty People.” The soulful guitar-laden track is the first release taken from his highly-anticipated debut album, Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid, due out on June 16th via EveryDejaVu Records. 

Juno Rucker’s “Pretty People” is nostalgia-inducing song that evokes feelings one has from late night hangouts reminiscing with friends. Taking inspiration from his real life encounters and the hit indie-pop track “Tommy’s Party” by Peach Pit, Rucker conceived this track as a way to heal. Explaining the title, Rucker states “I had a bonfire at my house with roommates and many friends from the art scene in Vegas. It was meant to be intimate. It was an amazing time. So many “Pretty People.” This song means that everyone there was a pretty person. In and out.” 

From producing all his own tracks, writing all his lyrics, and working alongside friends that helped him in different facets of his life along the way, everything about Juno Rucker and his music is homegrown. As most artists would choose to record at a studio, all of Rucker’s songs were recorded between six different households. He states, “Recording at these homey spaces gave me clarity, as opposed to studios with too many people.”

Dedicated to his late grandmother Ruthy, Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid comes after years of crafting and curating what Rucker deems best shows off his multifaceted skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Rucker hopes that when people listen to this record, that they reflect back on themselves, on both the good and the bad. “It’s for everyone who feels alone in their thoughts and feel like they can’t make a change to their life or others,” he says. “You can. Just listen.” 





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