Friday, November 26, 2021


Jssan Returns With Hip-Hop Infused Sophomore Outing ‘Nono’

Photo of Jssan

Jssan is about to take the hip-hop world by storm. The first generation Nigerian-American, born and raised on the south side of Chicago rapper has already showcased his relentless talent with his debut single ‘Okay’ released last year, which was a freestyle track with huge success on Spotify, amassing over quarter of a million streams alone. Since then, he has developed his craft further and bided his time to ensure his next release is even stronger than his last.

He has found his feet in terms of production and hooked up with Grammy award winning producers Joseph E. Colmenero and Chris Gehringer for his sophomore single ‘Nono’. Possessing what is an overall hip-hop feel, Jssan also takes inspiration from the musical cultures of afrobeat and pop, which is hugely potent in this track, as he showcases his ability to hit those melodies that will get you singing along, paired with his primary talent in rapping. This results in a sumptuous blend of hip-hop infused pop that puts across a distinctive and relatable message, making it a multi-purpose track with limitless potential.

Jssan has the world at his feet, exemplified by the attention he has garnered already, and it looks like he is showing no signs of stopping. ‘Nono’ feels like the perfect follow on from his stylish debut, and transforms his sound into an even bigger and better proposition that is hard-hitting and a statement. It’s an innovative and inspirational offering from this young talent, and he is only just getting started.

Jssan speaks on the meaning behind ‘Nono’:

“This single expresses the witty, energetic, and triumphant energy of overcoming obstacles despite the works of unpredictable naysayers.”

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