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Quin Jaye Delivers Miles Davis Inspired Hip-Hop EP ‘Kinda Blue’

Inspired by the great Miles Davis himself, LA based rapper and trumpeter Quin Jaye channels his own groove and style with his unique blend of jazz infused hip-hop. Hailing from Allentown, PA and learning the trumpet in school, he realised after high school that he could form his own kind of art. Listening to the likes of Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole and JAY-Z alongside his jazz upbringing, Quin quickly realised he could explore a world undiscovered and create a whole new niche.

‘Kinda Blue’ is Quin Jaye’s latest EP, with the title again taken from Miles Davis, is an impressive body of work that unfolds and showcases all of Jaye’s talents. Speaking volumes on the struggle of the modern day world and the society that still surrounds him in LA, ‘Don’t Ask’ is a real statement and signature in style from Jaye, where his simply stunning trumpet playing comes in from the very off in what is a powerful and colourful track. Featuring David Vines on vocals, another wonderful thing about Quin Jaye is he can play the trumpet with such ease and presence as well as rap, he really does provide the full works with a sound that’s creative and diverse beyond his years.

The second lead track from ‘Kinda Blue’ is ‘Same Shxt’, which sets a darker mood and a hard hitting sense of realism. Ever potent in his lyricism, Quin also solos on his trumpet in little snippets throughout the track, which really takes it in a completely different direction sonically. This typifies what his music is all about and it engages you through every single second of it.

Smashing down the boundaries of genres and sounds, Quin Jaye really is in his own lane.

Describing the meaning behind ‘Kinda Blue’, Quin Jaye explains:

“The EP takes you through hard times but you can also feel the sense of urgency and a more uplifting vibe. I placed the song there because even though the album is, “Kinda Blue” I wanted to highlight why it’s only “kinda” blue…”

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