Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Theo Ogundipe Shares Soulful Tribute to Love “L.A.”

L.A. by Theo Ogundipe

Multi-talented rising star, based out of London, Theo Ogundipe is back with a soulful new single “L.A.” On the track, Theo incorporates the fluid cadences of soul music, taking us on an immersive journey through his genuine encounters, coupled with an unparalleled intensity in his performance. “L.A.” is the second single from Theo Ogundipe’s forthcoming EP IN TRANSIT.

The music video sparks contemplation as Theo surrenders to his innate attraction to screenplays and movies. Even though he lacks prior camera experience, the backing of fellow artists played a vital role in helping him channel his diverse creative inclinations, while simultaneously enhancing his expanding set of skills. Set against the backdrop of a rehearsal room from the Royal Shakespeare Company, the video smoothly weaves together various scenes, uniting a group of similarly minded and gifted individuals to create a tranquil and affectionate presentation.

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