Thursday, February 29, 2024

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UK Rapper Addy Is Charged Up On Thrilling Single “Gucci”

Gucci by Addy

West Yorkshire-based artist Addy just released new single “Gucci.” Addy achieves a skillful blend of a commanding rhythm and memorable hooks, culminating in a song that’s ingeniously intricate. “Gucci” has great energy, impactful production, and Addy flexes a wide-ranging skillset.

Addy, of Gambian descent, began writing at just eleven years old. Showcasing his talent and going bar-for-bar at parties and social events, the rising wordsmith is inspired by early UK grime artists. From the likes of BBK and So Solid Crew, to binge watching old radio sets from Risky Roads, Logan Sama and SBTV, Addy recognised a rawness and originality that he saw reflected in himself. 

Seeking artists that he could relate to and creatives from worlds like his own, Addy concluded that he too could take the UK rap scene by storm. Growing up in a mining town in West Yorkshire, Addy was surrounded by rave music rather than rap. Now pioneering his own sound straight out of the North of England, his impactful flow and no-nonsense mentality effortlessly sets him apart. If you’re a fan of artists who bring realness to the table, then he’s a newcomer you won’t want to miss.

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