Thursday, June 13, 2024


TR Moshia Delivers Captivating New EP “Rising Up”

Rising Up by TR Moshia - Artwork

South London’s rising Alt Hip-Hop star TR Moshia just released a very well-rounded project titled ‘Rising Up’. The five-track EP is profoundly introspective and showcases TR Moshia’s incredible talents as a lyricist and songwriter. The beat selection is outstanding with each track offering a different soundscape making for a continuously engaging listening experience. TR Moshia proves his immense versatility with an excellent melodic display on the title track Rising Up and mind-blowing rapping ability in I Count On Me, two of the highlights from the project.

TR Moshia enthralls audiences with his dynamic rhythms and thought-provoking verses, demanding introspection. TR, symbolizing his initials, and “Moshia,” representing his role as a conveyor of impactful messages, merge to create an artist who fearlessly shares his truth. Influenced by his own encounters with love, heartbreak, and the struggles of a South London upbringing, including enduring domestic violence and neglect during childhood, TR draws from these experiences to craft his powerful lyrics. Across a diverse array of genre-defying instrumentals, TR fearlessly expresses his authentic self.

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