Saturday, August 13, 2022


Dope Music From Around The World Vol.1

Olivia Orson - Let Me Drive [Paris, France]

Olivia Orson is an international artist from Paris who defines herself as a child of the world with an Indo- Reunionnese mother and a Martiniquean father. She is a self-made songwriter and participates in the composition of her musical productions. Olivia Orson is a phenomenal talent, and it shows in her single “Let Me Drive.” With influences from RnB, Trip Hop, and Trap music, Olivia’s Neosoul sound shines bright through this amazing record.

Lester Getz - Two Weeks [Paris, France]

Lester Getz is an English born, Paris based rapper and guitarist. Though primarily focused on making soulful rap/RnB he is Influenced by a wide variety of genres and artists which drive him to explore novel musical landscapes. Lester will be releasing a 4 track EP ‘Nasturtium’ produced my M0NF0RT in July. Two Weeks is an irresistibly smooth and catchy Hip Hop record. Lester’s polished flow plus the track’s Jazzy production makes for a beautiful piece.

GADJ & YDIZZ - Nice To Meet Ya (Cover Freestyle) [UK]

GADJ & YDIZZ perform their own rendition of Wes Nelson’s ‘Nice To Meet Ya.’ Before hearing this track I had never known about the original, but to say that these 2 artists did the cover justice would be an understatement. GADJ & YDZZ take full advantage of the exquisite Dancehall production.

Mike Lazy - Current Climate [Birmingham, UK]

Mike Lazy is a veteran producer/DJ in Birmingham’s Hip Hop scene. His new album Current Climate sees Mike Lazy moving from behind the decks to the microphone for the first time. Current Climate is strongly shaped by the original boom bap/old school era of hip hop, combined with a British style of rapping and subsonic baselines with a dub influence.

Kidd Uurth - Painting Pictures ft. Lily Francesca [The Hague, Netherlands]

Kidd.Urth brings a fresh new sound to the scene by incorporating aspects of his own heritage and upbringing into his work. Be on the lookout for Kid Uurth’s upcoming EP “URTH.HOUR” On the project, Uurth will dive deeper into his culture, heritage and upbringing like none of his work has done ever before.
The stylistic simplicity of Painting Pictures leaves little room for failure Kidd Uurth’s thought-provoking bars combined with Lily Francesca’s soulful vocals make for an excellent track.

OH MY PIVI - MALA [Grenoble, France]

OH MY PIVI is a multidisciplinary artist from Grenoble. His objective is to make his surprising, lively, offbeat and lunar side shine throughHis very first musical project is an EP of 7 titles and is entitled “MARY.” Language barrier or not, the energy displayed on MALA is indisputable. For mosh fans out there, this is the track for you. OH MY PIVI turned rage into a jam with this one.

Shantelle King - Summer Nights [Bradford, UK]

Shantelle King is a Neo-Soul Singer-Songwriter with distinctively jazzy, raw and rhythmic undertones. ‘Summer Nights’ is her official debut single released as a stand-alone independent artist. Shantelle showcases her impressive vocals on her equally impressive debut single.

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